Congratulations on Student’s Day!!!

Dear students!

On our own behalf and on behalf of the entire teaching staff of the Faculty of Food Technology, we sincerely congratulate you on Student Day – a holiday of youth, creativity, search and discovery! November 17 is especially important for students around the world. It is a holiday for all those who keep in their souls the fire of novelty and creativity. It unites young people from all educational institutions. You are progressive, smart, mobile, energetic, fashionable, interesting, sincere, inquisitive! And don’t listen to those who say that the current young generation is not like that. You have great potential, you have great opportunities and we are convinced that you will take advantage of it!

We wish you all good health, success and creative inspiration in your studies and life. Realization of all dreams. May the romance of student years remain in your hearts forever, and may professionalism reach the level of high demands of modern life.

Sincerely, Dean

Faculty of Food Technology

O.Y. Melnik