Scientific work

The faculty includes 3 departments: the department of technology and food safety, the department of food technology, the department of physical education.
The main priority areas of scientific activity of the faculty:

The obtained scientific results will allow in the future to significantly improve the technology of food production with more economical and environmentally friendly methods that not only preserve the advantages of traditional technologies, but also in some cases exceed them.

Information about research works carried out at the departments of the faculty

  1. “Scientific and practical foundations of the production of combined products”, 0115U 001874, 01.15-12.19 Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Yu.V. Nazarenko
  2. “Use of antioxidants of natural origin in meat-containing systems with extended shelf life”, 0115U 00714609, 2015-12.2020. Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Bozhko N.V.
  3. FCS No. 1/6 “Optimization of Pond Fish Breeding and Processing Technology”, Agrofirma Turyanska LLC, 06/1/2013 – 05/31/2014 Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Tyshchenko V.I.
  4. FCS 1-6 “Calculation of the stocking density of breeding ponds, carrying out growth control during the period of fish cultivation, studying the dynamics of the natural and fodder base, calculating the rate of introduction of mineral fertilizers into the ponds, primary processing of commercial fish and its salting by container method in LLC “Agrofirma” Turyanska” of Krasnopil district”, 2013-2014.
    Research supervisor: Assoc. Tyshchenko V.I.
  5. FCS 343\3 “Increasing the efficiency of animal husbandry at the enterprises of the raw material zone of Bel-Shostka-Ukraine.”, 30.05.14- 30.05.15 Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Yu.V. Nazarenko
  6. “Technology of complex processing of quails for the production of functional products”, 0115U 001727, 01.15-12.19 Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Yevlash V.V.
  7. FCS 11/9 “Development of design documentation for a meat processing shop”, 01.09.17-01.09.18 Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Bozhko N.V.
  8. SBT “Development of technology of organic dried vegetable and fruit and berry semi-finished products and energy-efficient installation using solar panels”, 017U006532, 01.10.2017-30.09.2020. Research supervisor: Assoc. Sabadash S.M.
  9. FCS 1-9 “Improvement of technologies of sausage products with adjustable structural and mechanical indicators”, 09/01/2017-06/30/2018 Scientific leader: prof. Pertsevoi F.V.
  10. SBT “Technology of culinary products using vegetable protein-polysaccharide components”, 0114U001263, 01.14-12.17 Scientific supervisor: prof. Pertsevoi F.V.
  11. “Modern technologies and efficient energy-saving equipment for the production of food products. Rational use of nature”, 0113U001056, 2014-2019. Scientific supervisor: Assoc. Radchuk O.V.
  12. “High-efficiency capture of finely dispersed products by devices with oncoming swirling flows in combination with elements of other inertial dust collectors”, 0116U003807, 2015-2020. Scientific leader: Assoc. Savchenko-Pererva M.Yu.