The graduating departments provide teaching of subjects at all courses of full-time and correspondence forms of study of students, the diploma designing, writing of master’s works is conducted. Special attention is paid to the department improvement of the content and methodology of students’ education, methodical support of the educational process. , tutorials and guides. The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in the writing and publication of monographs, textbooks and manuals on the subjects taught at the department.
The educational process is being continuously improved. Methodical manuals are being developed and implemented, new jobs in laboratory and practical work are being created, and a group scientific student work is being developed. The department introduces modern forms of educational classes: lectures with the use of multimedia tools, practical and laboratory classes with virtual reflection of technological processes of food production, multifunctional computer, constantly conduct on-site practical classes at the branches of the department, directly in production. Modern technological equipment, hardware-measuring and diagnostic complexes, developed by the staff of the department, are involved in the study of disciplines.
The research work at the department occupies one of the main places. Research interests of the Department of Food Technology: Development of technology of organic dried vegetable and fruit and berry semi-finished products and energy-efficient installation using solar panels, Improvement of technologies of sausage products with adjustable structural and mechanical parameters, Technology of culinary products with the use of vegetable and vegetable products.
The most up-to-date types of training, lectures, practical, seminars, case studies, round tables, Olympiads, internships, control, course and diploma projects (works), educational and industrial practices, etc. are introduced. Teaching technology involves, in addition to the compulsory attendance of the classroom, individual work of students, organized individual learning activities with the teacher, examinations and tests in accordance with the curriculum. For this purpose, the department has prepared electronic courses for distance learning of students without breaking from educational, technological or industrial practices.