Structural and logical schemes

The specialty 181 “Food Technologies” has a leading position among other specialties of agricultural profile. Specialists play an important role in the management system of production enterprises of all levels of the national economy of Ukraine. In the conditions of a market economy and austerity of energy resources, their value is increasing, the requirements for their training in quantity and quality are increasing.
The Faculty’s material and technical base is 3 modern educational laboratories: production operation, course and diploma design, technical operation, machine diagnostics.
The graduating departments provide teaching of subjects at all courses of full-time and correspondence forms of study of students, the diploma designing, writing of master’s works is conducted. Special attention is paid to improving the content and methods of students’ education, methodical support of the educational process. All kinds of classes for the study of subjects taught at the department are provided with educational-methodical complexes, methodical instructions, textbooks and manuals. The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in the writing and publication of monographs, textbooks and manuals on the subjects taught at the department.
The Faculty introduces the most up-to-date types of educational classes, lectures, practical, seminars, case studies, round tables, Olympiads, internships, control, course and diploma projects (works), educational and industrial practices, etc. Teaching technology involves, in addition to the compulsory attendance of the classroom, individual work of students, organized individual learning activities with the teacher, examinations and tests in accordance with the curriculum. For this purpose, the department has prepared electronic courses for distance learning of students without breaking from educational, technological or industrial practices.
The deepening of knowledge in all subjects through self-preparation is stimulated by various forms of control of the current and final character.
Faculty faculty are focused on a combination of self-control, computer control and expert control. Training sessions are conducted in accordance with the schedule. In order to determine the level of knowledge, skills and skills of students, current knowledge control is conducted using modern methods of control, including testing. A modular knowledge control system is implemented and used at the department. Active consolidation of educational material is carried out by: application of automated training systems; consideration of specific situations in disciplines; testing, including computer testing; carrying out control, module works; individual acceptance of completed tasks; independent work of students with the use of computer technologies.
These forms of active learning are materially provided with task packages and applications.
In order to control the level of theoretical and practical training of students in the process of their learning, the measurement of knowledge and skills at different levels is carried out:
– current knowledge control (seminars, practical classes, rating control, modular control, individual work);
– final control of knowledge (tests, exams, control of residual knowledge);
– assessment of the level of compliance with the qualification requirements.

The specialty “Food Technology” includes three specializations:
1.Technology of nutrition;
2.Technology of storage, canning and processing of milk;
3.Technology for storing, preserving and processing meat.

Food Technology Specialization

Training of specialists in the specialty 181 “Food Technologies” is carried out in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine series AE № 636493 from 19.06.2015, the certificate of accreditation for the IV level of the series ND-II №1940624 from 06.09.2010.
The staff of the department includes: Professors Percevоi F.V., Shilman L.Z., Mazurenko I.K., Associate Professors Dimitrievich L.R., Melnyk O.Y., Stepanova T.M., Senior Lecturers Bidiuk D.O. , Marenkova T.I., Assistant Koshel O.Y., Master of Industrial Training Sereda O.G., Senior Laboratory Assistants Chuiko O.V., Konoplya Y.A/
The department cooperates with various establishments of restaurant business, PJSC “Kharkov Biscuit”, group of companies “Globino”.

Teachers of the department actively participate in international conferences and seminars and undergo advanced training at the best food processing enterprises in Ukraine.

Specializations “Technology of storage, preservation and processing of milk”,
“Meat storage, preserving and processing technologies”

On September 1, 2005, following the separation of the Department of Livestock Production and Processing Technology (opened September 1, 1995), they were created through the separation of the Chair of Milk and Dairy Technology and the Department of Meat and Meat Technology.
The Chair of Milk and Meat Technology was created by decision of the University Academic Council in August 2009.
The staff of the department is: Professor Melnychuk Sergiy, Associate Professors: Galina Dubova, Natalia Bozhko, Natal Bolgoviya Viktorovna, Nazarenko Yulia Valentinivna, Tyschenko Vasyl Ivanovych, Kryzhskaya Tatiana Anatoliivna, Samilik Maryna Mihaylovna; senior lecturers: Guba Svitlana Alexandrovna, Tsigura Victoria Viktorovna, Gelikh Anna Alexandrovna; Assistant Tatyana Sinenko and Senior Laboratory Assistants – Berdina I.V., Popova V.M., Litovka T.I.
The department cooperates with the enterprises:
– Milkiland-Ukraine;
– JSC Myronivsky Bakery;
– Globino Group of Companies;
– PE “Belotserkivka Agro-Industrial Group”;
– FU “Kulemza RM”, and many other enterprises of Ukraine.
The department works in several directions: educational-methodical, scientific, vocational, educational and organizational.
Permanent scientific developments are conducted on approved topics. The scientific-pedagogical staff of the department has numerous patents, scientific papers are published annually in all-Ukrainian and international professional publications.
Teachers are constantly improving their skills by participating in thematic conferences, seminars, round tables, and are upgrading their skills at the best food processing enterprises in Ukraine.