Tetiana Stepanova

Associate Professor of the Food Technology Department
PhD, Associate Professor
E-mail: eshkina97@gmail.com
Research ID U-4034-2018
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9392-3773
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Was born 12th of October 1980 in Romny town of Sumy Region
1997-2002 – Studying at Kharkiv State Academy of Food Technology and Organization, specialty “Food Technology”, honors degree
2002-2003 – studying at the Higher School of Entrepreneurship of Kharkiv State Academy of Technology and Food Organization, specialty "Commodity Studies and Expertise in Customs"
2007-2011 – Postgraduate studies at Kharkiv State University of Food and Trade, specialty "Food Technology".
2003-2007 – teacher at Sumy Cooperative College
2007-2010 – Assistant, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Meat Products Technology
2010 -2017 Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Department of Food Technology
In 2017 defended dissertation for a Candidate of Science Degree in specialty 05.18.16 - Food Technology on the topic “Fruit and berry jelly technology based on semi-finished jelly products”.
Basic classes: «Organization of catering in the tourist industry enterprises» «Designing of the restaurant industry enterprises», «Food quality management» (Ukrainian and English languages), «Modern achievements of food science» (Ukrainian and English), «Innovative food ingredients in food technology» (in Ukrainian and English).
Field of research: Development of new food products technologies for therapeutic purposes.
Grant, state budget and contractual topics: № 0113U0042 «Development of technologies of new food products for medical and prophylactic purposes»
Advanced Training (Internship): Kharkiv State University of Food Technologies and Trade. Topic: "Modern requirements for teaching the classes of the restaurant industry"
Other information: Deputy Dean for Educational Affairs and Accreditation in the Food Technologies Faculty