Admission to the Faculty of Food Technologies of Sumy National Agrarian University is carried out in accordance with the obtained state license under the accredited direction of preparation:

181 Food Technology;

181 Meat storage, preserving and processing technologies;

181 Milk storage, preservation and processing technologies.

Financing of specialists training in Sumy NAU is carried out at the expense of legal and physical persons.

Deputy Dean for Correspondence Education is Vladislav Gerasimenko, Specialist – Olesya Rudenko. The dean of correspondence education is in a.325 engineering and technological building.

Applicants submit in person to the Sumy NAU admissions committee:

state standard document on complete general secondary education (document on the acquired educational qualification level), the original or its
a copy certified in due course;
six color cards 3×4 cm in size;
copy of passport;
a copy of the identification code;
a copy of the marriage certificate (if applicable);
a copy of the employment record;
certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Quality Assessment.
* The passport (birth certificate), military ticket (certificate of enrollment in the conscript office), the documents entitling the privileges, the applicant submits personally within the deadlines specified for the submission of documents.

SNAU Admissions Committee Address: 40021, Sumy, ul. Gerasim Kondratiev, 160.