Oleg Radchuk

Associate professor of engineering technology of food production
PhD, Associate Professor
E-mail: Radchuk_@i.ua
ID Web of Science V-3214-2018
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8228-2499
ID Scopus 6505700747
Scholar.google: https://scholar.google.com.ua/citations?hl=ru&pli=1&user=rTLnPI8AAAAJ
Born September 27, 1970 in Sumy, Ukraine.
1986-1990 - starting at the Sumy machine-technical technology for specialty “Setting up and operating versions with a numerical software and industrial robots”
1989-1990 - locksmith repairman (Sumy Order of Lenin and Order of October Revolution Machine-Building Scientific and Production Association named M.V. Frunze)
1990-1995 - training at Sumy State University, specialty "Engineering Technology"
01.08.1995 - engineer of the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Graphics of Sumy State University
10.01.1996 - 30.09.1999 - graduate studies at SSU
14.04.1999 - Software Engineer Data Center Faculty of mechanization Sumy State Agrarian University
04.01.2000 - Assistant Professor bases of Sumy State Agrarian University
30.03.2000 - awarded the academic degree of Ph.D.
01.09.2000 - transferred to the post of Associate Professor of the Department of design basics of Sumy State Agrarian University
01.07.2002 - 01.09.2007 - transferred to the post of Associate Professor of the Department of Engineering Systems Design of SNAU
01.09.2007 - transferred to the post of director of educational and scientific engineering and technological institute of SNAU
01.09.2011 - appointed interim dean of the SNAU Faculty of Food Technology
03.01. 2013 - transferred to the position of Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology of SNAU
Main subjects: "Research work of students", "Basic scientific research", "Applied Mechanics".
Field of research: energy-saving technologies in food production
Grant, state budget and economic contracts:
Grant C38398 / 8961/50371"Improving skills in meat processing Ukraine" (2018. World Food Organization and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Training (internships):National Agriculture University of Ukraine the Institute of Postgraduate Education. Certificate. Topic: "Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy sources in the agri-food and other small and medium enterprises in Ukraine
Other information: Dean of the Faculty of Food Technology